What we do

Midnight helps you move faster.
As former startup founders, we understand time is the most valuable asset for your company. 

We typically partner with clients for 3 months as full-time designers-in-residence to accelerate growth for early-stage teams looking for product-market fit and more established companies craving fresh ideas.


how we do it

It's all about the user.
Our team specializes in user research to identify critical insights that unpack the “what, why, and how” behind the customer journey. 

We facilitate design sprints, prototype hypotheses, validate assumptions, prioritize features, and conduct usability tests to design something people want. What normally takes teams six to twelve months, we can do in a fraction of the time. 


our philosophy

Build a brand, not just a product. 
The world’s most iconic products are designed with a distinct point-of-view. 

We exist to help our clients articulate this vision, position it in the marketplace, and bring it to life through every touchpoint of the experience.